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Who still remembers Multiproxy, A4proxy, AAtools (Advanced Administrative Tools from G-Lock Software), Proxyhunter, Sockschain, Charon and similar proxy tools from the beginning of this century?


A benign time in the early days of the Internet, before VPN, when open proxy servers were tested for transparency, i.e. anonymity, when proxy servers were hunted with ProxyHunter, by scanning typical open proxy ports 8080, 3128, 80 and socks port 1080, when elite proxies were sought (high anonymous proxies with Level 1, which does not detect that you are surfing behind a proxy server at all) and when trying to remain anonymous by using those anonymous proxy servers.

The Internet was slowly developing and while the Internet connection was several times slower than now, with a proxy server it was generally even slower, but the only thing that was interesting was how to hide the IP address and remain anonymous using Internet relay chat (Mirc), how to rotate different proxies in a row (multiproxy website still exists) and surf anonymously with a modified header (a4proxy from InetPrivacy) or how to run socks servers from different countries in a chain (sockschain from UfaSoft), all with the aim of protecting privacy, anonymity and online security. If you are nostalgic or if you want to see what proxy tools used to look like 20+ years ago, without which anonymous surfing was unthinkable, then with a little luck and patience you can find them all on the Internet.

VPN IP Checker

Technology advances at an incredible speed and today from the point of anonymous surfing, the only thing that counts is a fast anonymous connection without tracking, which will hide your real IP address and leave no log of your activities. And here we are already talking about a VPN proxy - a virtual private network that has everything you need for anonymous surfing and that did not exist 20 years ago.

Considering the huge presence of VPN networks and various VPN proxy service offers for PC, android and iphone (starting with the most popular VPN services, such as NordVPN, IPVanish, Surfshark, Cyberghost, through ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN, all the way to PureVPN, PIA VPN and many, many others), a desire has developed in addition to detecting the VPN location and for by detecting them by checking the IP address for known VPN Proxy Ranges. And not only VPN proxy servers, but also a wide range of potential blocks of IP address ranges, which can be used for their use, so we present to you our VPN proxy IP checker tool that includes localization, checking and detection:

  • Well-known VPN proxy servers and their network IP ranges
  • Open proxies, web proxies, misconfigured servers, etc
  • Different hosting network IP ranges, for example Leaseweb ( or OVHCloud ( or GoDaddy.com, LLC (, which are potentially virtual spaces for using a VPN proxy server as a web proxy servers
  • TOR, abbreviated from The Onion Router, which is the most famous free tool and through whose proxy servers anonymous communication takes place
  • AWS Cloud service that is often used by malicious bots or that is used as a proxy
  • Fake or Bogon IP addresses that are reserved, but which are often spoofed
  • IP addresses that are known for long-term malicious activity and that represent a constant threat on the Internet

IP Checker for detecting the presence of a VPN proxy service is a clear and simple online tool, which in addition to checking the IP address and classification in a specific group related to VPN proxies, also provides the determination of the VPN IP location on the map, as well as the hostname, ASN (autonomous system number) number and IP Network Block Range in Cidr (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) format.

How to check IP?

You can check IP for VPN, Proxy or TOR completely free with our VPN checker, by entering IP address or domain in our form below.

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