VPN Proxy Check For IP

Is IP (ASN: AS12876 Scaleway S.a.s.) a VPN? Does it belong to the pool of potential VPN proxies? How likely is it that it is TOR, socks or a proxy server (anonymous or transparent)?


You can find the answer to all the above-mentioned questions on this page. But before we see what it checks, what the IP checker tells us, let us remind you that the detection of the IP address that acts as a VPN proxy is based on the following groups to which the IP address may belong:

  • VPN Proxy (Confirmed Proxy Server)
    • All known IP addresses and IP ranges from VPN server service providers including NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, Surfshark etc...
    • All kinds of proxies included transparent, anonymous, HTTP connect, socks proxy server and web proxy servers
  • TOR node list (Confirmed Proxy Server)
    • The Tor Exit node List contains the IP addresses used by all exit relays in the Tor network
    • TOR Full node list contains all currently active IP addresses of the Tor network
  • Cloud (Most Likely A Proxy Server)
    • Google cloud service
    • AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud service
  • Hosting (Most Likely A Proxy Server)
    • Web space used for hosting servers
    • Bots, scrapers, proxies use that space for their activities
  • Malicious (Most Likely A Proxy Server)
    • IP addresses for malicious activity
  • Fake or Bogun (Most Likely A Proxy Server)
    • IP addresses that are reserved for private use, loopback addresses, local addresses, NAT, Teredo and 6to4 addresses from which requests should never happen because they are not officially for public use.
  • Clean - No Proxy
    • There is no information about any kind of proxy server or suspicious behavior of the given IP address

How to check IP?

You can check your IP simply by entering your IP address in the VPN checker form below. Then see below for the full test result for your query, as well as the location of a potential VPN proxy server on the map.

  • IP Check Result Conclusion
  • IP: Location (France)
  • IP Network CIDR Block Range:
  • Hostname: 51-15-7-157.rev.poneytelecom.eu
  • ASN: AS12876 Scaleway S.a.s.
  • Hosting IP DetectedMost Likely A Proxy Server (Hosting IP)
    Check IP Fraud Reputation Score

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