What is Cname record?

CNAME stands for "Canonical Name" and is a type of record in DNS. A CNAME record is one of the DNS records, which has the function of pointing one domain name (pseudonym) to another, primary (canonical) domain.


The definition of CNAME is easiest to illustrate through a practical and simple example. Take the very popular website Twitter. At the time of testing the alias www.twitter.com points to the canonical name (CNAME) twitter.com which has the IP address (A record)
A CNAME record must never point to an IP address, but only to another domain.

How to check CNAME record?

There are two ways to check CNAME records in DNS:

  • Enter the domain in our tool below, click on the "CNAME Record Lookup" button and will get you if there is any CNAME record in DNS along with class and TTL (time to live) information.
  • Open Command Prompt (press the windows logo on your keyboard, type cmd, then select Command Prompt), then enter in Command Prompt nslookup -type=cname domainname or nslookup -q=cname domainname, for example, nslookup -type=cname www.twitter.com or nslookup -q=cname www.twitter.com

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