What is My IP?

And here is the answer to your question "What is my IP address and its location"? Remember that your public IP address is obtained on the basis of information provided by your browser for surfing.


Based on your own internet browser, we found your public IP (Not your real IP. You are most likely using a VPN proxy. Check Your IP for VPN proxy), as the IP of the city of Ashburn, with a location in the country United States My public IP - Its Flag United States , from the continent of North America.

If you are also wondering whether your IP address is IPv4 or IPv6, then the answer is that it is IPv4, since your public IP uses Internet Protocol version 4, which stands for IPv4.

How to find IP?

Public or local? You have already found your own public IP address. It is, but what if you want to find a local IP. Maybe the LAN, internal or local IP is not interesting from the aspect of finding the location, but you want to know it, for example to log into your router or for the technical aspect of your home network. You can find it very simply through the command prompt. Click the windows logo (or press the Windows logo key) on your Win10 or Win11 computer, then type cmd, then enter. Command Prompt will open. At the end, type ipconfig and you will get under "Wireless LAN adapter Wi-FI" what is your local IPv4 and link-local IPv6 address.

Generally speaking, the IP does not depend on your device, be it a phone, laptop or computer, but on the network you are connected to, so it makes no sense to think in terms of 'what is the IP of my phone' or 'what is the IP of my computer' and can there be a difference between them in the context of a public IP address, since all devices that use the same network will have the same WAN, in fact, a publicly accessible IP address, whether it is IPv4 or IPv6.
The only difference is the private LAN (local area network) or internal IP address from your router, assigned to your device, within your network, which usually starts with 192.168.x.x, but since it is not visible outside your network, nor can it be seen or traced publicly, it is not interesting from a localization point of view.

In addition to information regarding getting the IP location of your own internet device, as well as the ability to check location of any other IP address or websites, you'll find here on IP-Lookup.org and much more.

What's My IP Address Information?

  • My IP Address:
    ( IP Range Class A )
  • CIDR:
  • Decimal: 65819406
  • Binary: 11111011000101001100001110
  • Hex: 03ec530e
  • Hostname: ec2-3-236-83-14.compute-1.amazonaws.com
  • IP Score
  • Excellent IP Score - Good Reputation

    Excellent IP reputation - 0
    (Lower score = better reputation)
    Check IP Blacklist Score

  • IP Location Details
  • Continent: North America
  • Country: United States My IP Address Country in United States
  • Region: Virginia (Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents)
  • City: Ashburn
  • Zip code: 20149
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  • Computer System Information
  • Operating System:
  • Available Screen Width / Height:
  • Screen Width / Height:
  • Window Width / Height:
  • Browser Window Width / Height:
  • Screen Color Depth:
  • Screen Pixel Depth:
  • Browser:
  • Port: 24832
  • Browser Related Information
  • Web Browser: User Agent: Crawl
    Full Version Info: Not Available
  • Referer: Not Detected
  • This session you visited: pages
  • Are Cookies Enabled:
  • Cookie: Not Detected
  • Is Java enabled:
  • Is JavaScript Enabled:
  • Browser Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
  • VPN / TOR / Proxy Server Check
  • Simple Proxy Check: Not Identified
  • Tor Anonymity Network: Not Detected
  • IP Reputation WarningVPN Proxy Deep Check: Likely

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