As we could see with our DNS lookup, within the DNS zone of the domain, different types of DNS records are present. One of them is the NS record, which can be easily found thanks to our NSLookup tool.


What is NS record?

NS record (name server record) is a type of DNS record that specifies the name servers responsible for a particular domain and tells us which authoritative nameservers within the DNS zone can be found.

So for example that if you type a facebook domain within our NS lookup form below, then you will get the following authoritative nameservers found in DNS:

  • (
  • (
  • (
  • (

These name servers listed above are responsible for answering DNS queries for '' domain and any subdomains within it. In summary, NS records are an important part of the DNS and they help to direct queries to the correct name servers and translate domain names into IP addresses.

How to check NS record?

There are two ways to check NS records:

  • Enter the domain in our NSLookup tool below, click on the "NS Lookup" button and will get all authoritative name servers (NS) together with IP addresses, class and TTL (time to live) information.
  • Open Command Prompt (press the windows logo on your keyboard, type cmd, then select Command Prompt), then enter in Command Prompt nslookup -type=ns domainname or nslookup -q=ns domainname, for example, nslookup -type=ns or nslookup -q=ns

NSlookup is a free online network tool that gives you the result of authoritative nameservers records including their IP for a specific domain.

  • NS Details
  • IP: & Hostname:
  • The Authoritative Nameservers found in DNS: [ Class: IN - Time to live (TTL): 262 ]
  • »»» IP Address: »»» IP Address: »»» IP Address: »»» IP Address:

    Total 4 NS records found in DNS

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