What is IP score status?

IP score is an indicator of IP status, in fact, the quality of an IP address through points, based on risk calculation through past activities.


IP score is an assessment of the risk status, which is reflected by the amount of points assigned to that IP address based on its potential threats from the past. The lower the points, the better the IP status and the lower the risk and threat. The points awarded indicate the quality of the IP and can vary from 0, which is an ideal score, to a maximum of 100, which indicates the maliciousness of the IP address.

Points are made possible thanks to the 'HoneyPot project' and our own monitoring. CloudFlare uses a similar way of treating visitors, where, based on risk points and potential threats, it distinguishes legitimate visitors from rule breakers, such as some search engines, bots, mail servers, IP's used for dictionary attacks as well as comment spammers on forums, blogs, website forms, then other malicious visitors etc.

What is Website score status?

Website Score is a website status ranking based on a threat risk score from the assigned IP address for the website. With this tool, you can actually check the IP risk score, threats and reputation of a domain or website and get an insight into whether website IP was involved in spam activities. Namely, each domain or website is assigned a dedicated (unique) or share IP address (which is shared with other users). A negative score can have catastrophic consequences for the website itself. Therefore, it is advisable to have a dedicated IP address for the domain or website and preferably avoid the share IP address that you share with many other users at the same time.

A few examples of websites with a risky IP address, which have a problematic score due to previous IP threats. This can negatively affect the website status and its online reputation:

Thanks to our IP fraud score tool you will be able to see a reliable result, determine the quality of the IP address, find out if IP has been used for spamming and decide whether to block or blacklist an IP through Firewall or not.

If it is a website and the result shows a blacklisted IP with bad status, reputation and low score, then there is always the possibility to request another dedicated IP address, if it is a dedicated server, where the website is hosted, or request another hosting or another share IP address if it's about shared web hosting, where one IP address can sometimes be shared by several hundreds of other websites.

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