IP Risk Fraud Score Status: 2001:569:50c4:3a00:2879:a5e1:7b52:7ee2

The risk score status was formed based on the intensity and frequency of malicious attempts. The status of the ideal threat risk score is 0. It means that no suspicious actions are known. The higher the risk score the more malicious the action and the worse the reputation of the IP address. Max score is 100.

  • IP / ASN (Autonomous System Number)
  • IP Address: 2001:569:50c4:3a00:2879:a5e1:7b52:7ee2
  • Hostname: node-1w7jr9pif2y8yyr0nml86w06a.ipv6.telus.net
  • ASN: AS852 TELUS Communications
  • IP Status Rating
  • Good IP Score Reputation

    IP Threat Risk Score: 0 (Lower is better)
    IP 2001:569:50c4:3a00:2879:a5e1:7b52:7ee2 has an excellent reputation
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