Whois Lookup - Who owns Domain & IP address?

Whois lookup (pronounced who is look up) uses the Whois protocol to obtain domain or IP address information by which we can find out who owns the domain or range of the IP.

The Whois protocol is communication between the Whois client on the one hand and the Whois server on the other. The information request uses the standard TCP / IP protocol on port 43 where the client sends a text request to the server and this responds with the text content. The TCP connection ends when the client receives a complete response from the server that closes the connection itself after making the received request

As we can see from the above explanation, the process of obtaining Whois information for an IP or domain is done by querying the Whois server database. If it is a Whois query for a domain then the feedback usually contains the name and contact details of the domain owner including the name of the provider and nameservers of the DNS. and when the domain registration was purchased. If it is a request for an IP address, then the feedback usually contains information about the ISP and the organization such as NetRange, CIDR, OrgName with address and phone number, country, email address, ASN, date of creation and modification.

What is Whois Privacy?

Whois or domain privacy is a type of Whois anonymity, protecting insight into the domain owner's registration details from prying eyes. As mentioned earlier, registration details from registrant are registered in the Whois server databases and are updated periodically depending on the duration of the registration, as well as possible changes in ownership.

Thanks to a tool like our Whois Lookup, you can easily access registrant data, except when the owner chooses the option of privacy, protection and anonymity, where in that case his personal data is protected from prying eyes and where instead of personal data of the owner, we get general data of accredited domain registry. not the actual owner of the domain.
Protecting domain privacy costs a bit more than regular registration and as an option is present during the registry or extended domain name registration.

The following Whois database is used to find and retrieve registered details regarding domains and IP addresses:

  • ARIN (covers Canada, USA and parts of Oceania)
  • RIPE (Europe, Middle East and Central Asia)
  • APNIC (Asia), LACNIC (South America)
  • AfriNIC (Africa)
  • IANA and RADb (worldwide)

Our Whois tool together with IP location lookup is a very powerful and useful tool for determining location behind IP address and website including, but not limited to, info about the domain name owner.